Barbora Kurcova interior designer based in Oslo, Norway

For quite some time you have been trying to find yourself a new. Do these new discoveries change your Sundays as well? 

Definitely. For me Sundays always feel like the only days you can fully relax and enjoy so I try to get the most out of them. Since I started to rediscover myself and find my true passion and hobbies my Sunday program is much more intentional. I used to work 7 days a week so I had only a couple of hours for myself on Sundays but still wanted to manage all activities. So instead of slowing down and embracing the meaning of a day off, it was more of a race to manage everything i thought I should or wanted. Now I understand how important it is to just relax, empty your mind and fill your body with some great soul food, and luckily I can afford to do “nothing” on my Sundays now. It took me a long time to get used to it but now I can proudly tell my colleagues at work on Monday that I did nothing at all. And by saying nothing I mean enjoying big slow breakfast, several cups of coffee, long walks in nature, botanical garden visits, photography or flea market trips.

You seem to can't live without greenery. Probably if you're not watering plants at home the other place where you can be found on Sundays is in nature. How is this a special time for you?

I always thought I was a city girl but I realized quite recently that isn't true at all. The more time I spent in nature, the more I felt that this is where I am really happy. Since I work full time and have many other activities on top, time spent in nature is really precious to me. There is so much wisdom and energy in nature and it definitely is my favourite place to slow down and become more mindful. I draw so much inspiration for my photos or even interior designer job from nature. And not only when it comes to colours and shapes. I am so fascinated by the changing seasons. The more time I spend observing what is happening around me, the more I begin seeing tiny nuances, colour changes, different flowers blooming and replacing each other. I spend my summer vacation in the Swedish forest in the middle of nowhere and I found so much clarity about what my priorities are. I know it sounds a bit woo woo but I suddenly realized how small I was but also that I am a part of something bigger than myself.

Sundays can always seem too short and we would love them to go on forever. Are there any things that you try to accomplish each Sunday?

Big breakfast! I am a huge believer in a very wide selection and rather slow eating. My boyfriend often wakes up earlier so he makes coffee and comes back to bed so we can be cosy for a bit longer. And after that we officially get up and make a breakfast together. I prefer a bit of everything, so a full British or American style breakfast is a goal, followed by another coffee and sweet bakery. And we talk or read or both and finishing all the food takes forever. But that is exactly what I love and what I call slow living. Sometimes we go and eat out but most of the time we just like things our way so we stay at home. This is the moment when I finally feel 100% relaxed, ready for the day and also ready for next week.

And one more Sunday habit: not doing any house chores! It is such a game changer, trust me! I used to do a lot on Sunday to be ready for the week but then the weekend was suddenly over and I just wanted to scream: Hey, who stole my Sunday? Now I do everything on Monday which is, we all know it, dreadful anyway, and have a whole beautiful Sunday for things which are fun.l.

Photography: Barbora Kurcova @herinternest