India Hobson photographer based in Sheffield, UK

How would you describe your Sunday?

No two Sundays are ever the same for me. If I'm at home then I like to get up early - the morning is my favourite time of the day because it's usually when the sun plays games on the walls and because everyone else has a slow start it means that I feel I've got the whole world to myself. 

We tend to go out for breakfast (I believe in pancakes for breakfast) and then see some kind of a view; we're very lucky that we live on the edge of the Peak District and so within 10 minutes can be on top of the world. 

If we're away from home then we'll be slowly meandering back towards home from wherever we've been exploring. Sundays are for savouring - even though I never have that dread for Monday mornings (I love my job and I'm usually doing something that I'm looking forward to) I still treat a Sunday as a treat. It's a day for closeness and peaceful activity; for seeing new things and indulgence. I think that it's almost a kind of therapy.

I noticed that you concentrate on nature in your photographs. Do you spend a lot of time outside on weekends? Why is it important to you?

As a photographer I work outdoors a lot and prefer to shoot with natural/available light. That means I find that a lot of what I do is dictated by the light/weather and as a result of that I feel like it's as much a part of my practice as anything else. I never really 'switch off' so weekends are sometimes filled with more work than during the week as that's usually the time that I'm making images for myself rather than a client. Outside is good! It doesn't cost anything, it's a full sensory experience and will do wonders for your health. I think it's very important to connect with the outdoors and the natural world.

Your project Haarkon is searching for interesting places. Could you recommend something special to visit?

Our spare time is very precious to us and we don't like to feel as though we're wasting it; we started recording our expeditions and decided that we'd share them on our website ( so that the information could be used by other people that have similar interests to us. We love design, architecture and gardening (indoors and out) and have accidentally begun a greenhouse tour of the world. Most of the places that I love are dotted around the UK and involve glasshouses; Oxford Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (the whole city is brilliant but I'd certainly suggest a few hours in the Royal Botanic Garden there too) and for a bit of sea air I can never have enough of the North Norfolk coast

What are your plans for next Sunday?

I imagine that next Sunday will be a mixture; up early to see what the weather says and take it from there. I fancy some kind of woodland walk and a few minutes with my eyes closed in the sunshine if I'm lucky. 

Photography: India Hobson @indiahobson