Akiko Shigemoto children's cloth creator based in Tokyo, Japan

Could you tell me how your family spends time on Sundays?

Since during the weekdays everyone in the family is busy doing their own things, Sunday is the only day that all of us can get together so it is important for us to spend Sundays together. Recently since my older son started enjoying fishing, we often go to the beach on Sundays. At the beach everyone enjoys doing their own things; my husband and older son enjoys fishing, and my younger son and I enjoy beach combing.

You have two sons, how do they spend their Sundays? 

As I mentioned, my older son just loves to fish at the beach and rivers. My younger likes to look at beautiful things (beach combing is one of them). He also enjoys visiting museums and interior shops such as THE CONRAN SHOP.

Do you have a Sunday tradition? Something that you only do on this particular day?

On Sunday my husband takes his time to cook breakfast for us. This is the only time he cooks so it is like our Sunday tradition, so my children and I look forward to his handmade meals.

Do you have a special location in your city that you insist everyone should visit on a weekend? 

I live in Tokyo and I recommend visiting the Ueno Park on weekends. Ueno Park is a well-known tourist spot to travelers from abroad, and there are many historic buildings in the extensive park. Among the buildings, I recommend visiting the Japan Gallery at the National Museum of Nature and Science. The beauty of the exhibited bones of dinosaurs and minerals goes without saying, and by visiting the Japan Gallery it gives us an insight about the excellence of Japanese architecture and how it developed independently by embracing elements of the Western culture.

Photography: Akiko Shigemoto @_micott