Joy Sunyoung Fitzgerald calligrapher & illustrator based in Portland, OR, US

How are you and your family spending time on Sundays?

My family and I use Sundays to have Sabbath, a day of rest. It's the one day of the week that we really don't plan anything (except to go to church in the morning). We really treasure reserving this special time when we allow our moods to dictate the flow of our day without obligation.

Do you have a Sunday ritual? If yes, what is it?

Our Sunday afternoons and evenings vary every week, but our Sunday mornings are always the same: coffee & prayer in bed, a quiet and simple breakfast as a family, then church by 8:45am.

Do you recall a Sunday that was distinct and special?

Last Sunday was actually one of my favorite Sundays I've had in a while. We had our normal morning routine (see above) followed by eating delicious deli sandwiches from Laurelhurst Market on our front stoop, weeded the lawn with my husband while Nunu napped, read a new book of poetry ("Every Riven Thing" by Christian Wiman) and ended with dinner next to a fire that my son marveled at. That probably sounds pretty uneventful, but it contains every aspect of life I cherish - Jesus, my husband, my son, community, home-making, good food, reading. I suppose what made it special was that I felt relaxed the whole day even though we were constantly up to something. Perhaps it was just a heart posture that made the day wonderful to me.

How do you recommend others to spend a Sunday in Portland?

If it happens to be a sunny day you must, of course, spend it outside somehow. It is best when you can also have a book in hand while having coffee at Heart, lunch at Sweedeedee, or wine at Navarre. A trip to the Gorge or one of the many beautiful Portland parks is always an option.

Photography: Joy Sunyoung Fitzgerald @madebysohn (2,7,8), James Fitzgerald III @jamesfitzfranz (5,9), Parker Fitzgerald @parkerfitzhenry (1,3,4,6)