Corina Nika graphic designer based in Kefalonia Island, Greece

You live on an island of remarkable beauty, what are your weekends like?

Weekends are everyone’s favourite, but for us every weekend is a small adventure. On mornings we wake up early, have a breakfast with a 360° sea view, and plan where well go exploring. We’ll either go hiking on the mountain, but most of the times we’ll go to the beach, or explore a new one. Camping is always a great option for the whole weekend. Around noon we barbecue and on evenings we’ll grab a souvlaki for dinner and then an ice cream while walking by the bay.  

What is the first thing you do on a Sunday morning?

My Monday - Friday is so crazy that the first thing i want to do is enjoy the outdoors and spend some time with my dog and cats.

Could you tell me about a non-tourist spot that is perfect to spend your Sunday at?

Although the mountain Ainos is a popular place, chances are you won’t find a lot of tourists up there. You can hike or have a picnic with the whole island and Ionian sea below your feet. 

Photography: Corina Nika @corinanika