Kimi Juan photographer & traveler based in Manila, Philippines

You seem to travel a lot, what are your Sundays like when you're away? Are they any different from the ones at home?

Usually my Sundays are spent going home from a trip, but if not, I spend it with my family. It's really our only time to get together because we're all busy with work during the week. My Sundays are pretty quiet, I try not to work, answer emails, or visit my social media accounts. 

 Does Sunday have a special meaning for you? Do you have a Sunday tradition, something that you only do on a Sunday? 

Sunday means everything. I don't like to work, or use my phone, or go on Facebook or anything where I have to communicate with the outside world. Sunday is the only time for quietness and that's what makes it special.

Could you share a story from the most memorable Sunday you had? 

Honestly, all my Sundays are memorable, but the best ones are when I see my whole family and by whole I mean the whole clan, including my cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and we all have lunch together and share stories. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to, but we still cherish our Sundays together.

Photography: Kimi Juan @kimijuan