Paige Geffen interior designer, stylist & art director based in Los Angeles, US

Tell us about your Sunday, what is it like? 

My Sunday is always about regrouping, relaxing, and rejuvenating, which can look different every week. This morning (it's Sunday) I slept in, had breakfast and coffee on the porch with Jeff (my boyfriend) and Joni (our pup), and then we all went for a walk in the neighborhood. I just got back from a birthday gathering in Highland Park, and I'm about to go meet my friend to walk around Echo Park Lake. Tonight I'll probably catch up on some work emails for the week and cook dinner at home while blasting music. There's a pile of laundry waiting for me as well, of course. 

What does Sunday mean to you? How does it influence your whole week's work? 

The word gather is key for me on Sunday's - whether friends, ingredients for food, or simply my thoughts - because coming together, in any form, is good for the soul (at least it is for mine). I work for myself as well as various freelance work, so while I try to get my work done during the week, I don't live on a M-F schedule. Sunday's don't necessarily influence my week in any particular way. I try to stay as present as possible, which isn't the easiest task, but I think my Sundays end up being wonderful because I don't put pressure on the day to be anything but... whatever it is.  

What is the perfect music for your Sunday? 

I could go on forever with this question. Some staples: The Velvet Underground, Laura Marling, Kurt Vile, and Broken Social Scene. Jazz and soul usually get in the mix as well because my boyfriend will take over the music while we cook. We dance in the house to oldies a lot.  

What would you recommend to do or see when you're in Los Angeles on a Sunday? 

If you're looking to relax and get outside, Elysian park is really mellow, and there's a lot of open grass to run around on or lay on. There are also trails for walks and hiking. I also love to just walk around Echo Park on Echo Park Ave. and Sunset Blvd and people-watch/be apart of the world. I avoid traffic and crowds when I can, so those are my neighborhood recommendations.

Photography: Paige Geffen @paigegeffen