Abigail St. Claire content creator and designer based in Chicago, IL, US

Tell me about your Sundays, what are they like?

Since I currently work Monday to Saturday, Sundays are bliss. They are a time to care for myself and relax - two things I don't always prioritize during my busy week. Recently, I have been taking a ceramics class on Sunday mornings. It is a great way to start the day, and it is usually followed by coffee along with my dear friend with whom I take the class. As a student, I used to get the major Sunday sads, but this summer, Sundays have become my absolute favorite and I look forward to them every week. I think that there is something so special about Sundays. It is a day of rest, and a day to stop and reflect before the coming week.

Do you have a Sunday tradition? Something that you only do on this particular day?

Sleep in. I make sure to turn my alarm off, this is key. I'll also take some time to draw a bath + read a book. I've been trying to spend my down time more intentionally, so a nice, warm bath usually does the trick.

Tell me about your most memorable Sunday.

Oh wow, that's a tough one. One of my fondest memories would have to be when I was in St. Louis at the beginning of July visiting my best friend. We spent the day with her boyfriend and his friend, and went to brunch at my favorite spot, laughed a lot while watching the Iceland vs. France soccer match at a pub, and just had a really lovely afternoon. I was due to drive back to Chicago that afternoon, but I was enjoying myself so much that I ended up driving home at midnight (which was so worth it). That Sunday was simple, and nothing out of the ordinary, but made me so happy to be joking and laughing joyously with some people whom I love so much.

What are your plans for next Sunday?

I'm very excited for next Sunday. One of my friends is hosting a plant swap in the city. I got to help out a bit by drawing + designing some work to accompany the event, so most certainly an ideal way to spend a Sunday afternoon. It will be wonderful to swap some plants with some great Chicago gals, eat pie, and drink coffee!

Photography: Abigail St. Claire @astclaire