Alejandra Perelló graphic designer and photographer based in Barcelona, Spain

Describe your typical Sunday, how does it begin?

As a morning person, I'm used to wake up very early in the mornings, just as the light begins to enter the room. On Sundays, I love to wake up early too because it is the only day that I have enough free time to relax and do things that I can’t do any other day of the week. Right after I jump from bed I make my first cup of coffee and then I drink it while I sit on the sofa and read a book or while I do my Japanese homework. Just before my second coffee It’s time to clean and water each one of my plants.

Barcelona is a busy metropolis, where do you go when you want to relax?

Now in winter, when I want to take a deep breath and get some silence I like to go to the beach. Here in Barcelona we are so fortunate because of the good weather and because we have the Mediterranean Sea so near. From my house, it takes almost 30 minutes to go walking down the street to reach the waves, and during this season is the best time to go because there is not too much people there and you can have more private time with yourself and your thoughts.

What are your plans for next weekend?

I will wake up early as every morning and with my coffee in one hand I will try to finish the current book I’m reading which is Yukio Mishima’s “The Sound of Waves”. After taking care of my plants I’m sure I will go to have a walk through the city, I love to wander around the streets of Barcelona with my camera and probably will end up by the promenade by the sea again and maybe I will have lunch near the shore. A Perfect Sunday, isn’t it? ;)

Photography: Alejandra Perelló @thehangingplants