Amanda Jane Jones graphic designer and art director based in Chicago, IL, US

Are Sundays for you like a summary of the week or more like a day to gather inspiration for the days to come?

Our Sundays are a day we fill with time together with our family, service and worship. It's our most quiet day of the week for sure. We serve quite a bit in our church community, so our Sunday mornings are usually kind of hectic, but then we relax in the afternoon / evenings and use that time to catch up with family, play games, read books, cuddle up in front of a good movie, take long family walks - just recharge for the week ahead.

How did your Sundays change when you became a mother?

Honestly, it's still pretty similar (minus a couple hours of sleep!). We probably eat more popcorn! And our evening movie selections are now animated.

You try to balance between work and leisure time. So Sundays seem to be devoted to your family being together at home, in the dunes, camping or strolling through the park. Which Sunday activities does your family enjoy the most?

Yes! I don't even touch my computer on Sundays. No work or emails on Sundays. My favorite Sunday activity is taking a family bike ride on a warm summer evening in our jammies. I don't know why, but those nights always stand out in my mind. During the winter, we love making goodies for friends and cuddling up in our comforters in front of a family friendly movie.

Photography: Amanda Jane Jones @amandajanejones, Kaley Kocinski @kaleyfromkansas (1), Jessica Haderlie @jessicahaderliephoto (9)