Amanda Rose Harper dog trainer and musician based in San Francisco, CA, US

What can you not imagine a Sunday without? 

I can't imagine a Sunday without a savory meal. Either brunch, or a big delicious vegan dinner. It's so important to sit down with friends and family and enjoy a meal together. My favorite thing to do is have a meal by candle light, turn all electronics off, and reconnect.

Could you tell us more about the way you spend your Sundays?

I live in San Francisco which is far spread, but still a bustling city. If I can get out of the city and in nature at least once during the weekend, I find my weekdays way less stressful. I love to hike around Mt. Tam or take a kayak out up north for the day. We are so blessed in the bay area, surrounded by redwoods, the pacific, vast valleys, rivers, and mountains.

Your life is full of music. Is there a song that mirrors your Sundays?

I've been playing music for a few years under the moniker Running In the Fog. I released an EP through Father/Daughter Records. I played some festivals, worked on some collaborations, and participated in Red Bull's Bass Camp in SF, where I actually got to sit in a room with Ms. Erykah Badu herself. Something that keeps ringing in my head from that experience at RBMA was when Erykah talked about how no matter what she was doing, who she worked with, what kind of pressure she was under, she did everything her way, including producing. No compromises. I'm letting go of the pressures and expectations with this album. One thing that drastically changed my life and allowed me the space to really put the work into this was getting rid of 85% of my possessions, and fully embracing minimalism. This album and everything I share online encompasses those values and discoveries through that process. The track I've attached is a love a song about long drives at night, when it doesn't matter where you're headed, or what you have, in that moment it's just you and someone you care about and that's all you need.

Whether I'm on a hike, on the river, or cooking a meal, there's always some kind of introspection going on, so the first album that comes to mind is Sampha's Dual EP. It's one of my favorite EP's ever, and is full of soulful self reflection.

Do you already have plans for the upcoming Sunday?

I recently got back into running after healing and restrengthening a broken foot. I didn't think I'd ever run again a year ago. I've been building up strength in my ankle through daily yoga practice which has been unbelievably helpful in my health journey on so many levels. I hope to go on a run this Sunday. The weather has been beautiful in SF, so I'll probably take advantage of one of SF's park trails.

Photography: Amanda Rose Harper @amandaroseharper, feephiephoephum @feephiephoephum (7)