Amelia Jones owner of a home decor shop based in Salt Lake City, UT, US

So great to see that you're very close with your family. What is it that you like the most about Sundays? 

Sunday is our day of quality time. Because my husband and I work full time, Saturday is typically our catch up day. We are always saying "thank goodness we have tomorrow before the new week begins!" It is when we can finally relax and simply enjoy time with our family together.

What does Sunday mean to Leo and Sailor? How do they spend their time? 

Leo and Sailor know the days by how we dress! They constantly ask us to put our "play clothes" on, because they know, when dressed accordingly, we are committed to play! It cracks us up.

What is the perfect Sunday according to Amelia?

My ideal Sunday is getting up, doing some yoga with my husband (occasionally the kids jump in 😜) and eating a good breakfast together. We try to get out to a kids museum or the aquarium, then come home for naps and rest time. We typically spend the evening at my parents house and let the kids play with their cousins. I love more than anything going to bed feeling complete, with no "mom guilt" in sight!

Photography: Amelia (Emmy) Jones @ameliahannah