Amy Kofoed certified health practitioner based in Lake Country, BC, Canada

Tell us about your balanced weekends.

Weekends are simply a beautiful treasure that I look forward to! I mean, don't we all? Each weekend, different from the rest, yet so similar with little gifts of adventure just waiting to unfold! It doesn’t get more relaxing, or exciting in my opinion. Being that my husband and I are both self employed, it truly is a chance for us to unwind from the busyness of the week. We always love to throw in a good date night, preferably supporting our little communities local restaurants. Followed by a slow morning on Saturday filled with no ‘agenda’ and strong coffee. We may even find ourselves wandering downtown, in a second hand bookstore, or our local farmers market. We also love to throw in our little tradition of an old movie and homemade pizza.. basically Saturday is for living slow and in the moment! Sundays are a day filled with family, and without fail you will find us surrounded by family and a waffle feast every single Sunday! Like I said, weekends are magic!

You seem to spend the majority of your time with Kyle. But when you have a "self care" day, how do you spoil yourself at that time?

Oh the joyous self care day! I try and carve one out at least twice a month. My favourite way to treat myself is by a good soak in the tub surrounded by candles with a full on mud face mask.. it really is the perfect recipe for melted worries and stress!

Not long ago you traveled through Europe. Can you tell us in more detail about the most memorable weekend of your trip?

It’s so hard to pick one memorable weekend in Europe! However one comes to mind.. Paris in the springtime! First of all, waking up in Paris is memorable on its own, but throw in a stroll down the many beautiful streets and alleys to wind up at a little cafe for a morning coffee and omelet. Oh the coffee, I don’t know if it's because we were in Paris, but so good! During this brunch the cafe’s cat made friends with us and sat on my lap or beside me the whole meal. It was so adorable! Then we strolled past a pastry shop and grabbed a couple baked goods and made our way to the Eiffel tower. We sat in the park, in the most beautiful scene of families and friends picnicking together, children running around freely, tourists gazing in wonder, couples kissing.. it truly was beautiful! And in that moment, I knew this was a treasure to remember forever, a beautiful day that is forever tucked away into my heart.

Photography: Amy Kofoed @amesk