Anaise Prince photographer based in Hartford, CT, US

How do you mostly spend your Sundays? Do you plan them?

Our Sundays vary depending on the season, but mornings almost always begin with us lingering in bed a little longer than usual. Emerson will make her way in to cuddle, while we determine our activities for the day. Lately, we’ve been going out for breakfast at a local diner which has been such an enjoyable and delicious winter routine. In the summer months, we try to make it to the Farmer’s Market, an outing I love inviting friends to. We don’t plan our Sundays ahead of time, we typically just go with the flow but if my husband has a project he’s working on (he’s a carpenter, and currently working on Emerson’s bed) we usually chat about how we will spend the morning together before he heads off to work.

The best way to spend a Sunday according to your daughter Emerson?

Emerson has been calling the diner we go to her favorite place, so I think the best way for her to spend a Sunday starts there, with pancakes and bacon. She’s an active girl with a vibrant personality and really enjoys being outside, as well as spending time with her friends. For her, the best Sunday would involve a simple trip to our local park with her three best girl friends, which sounds silly because she’s only three.

If you could repeat a Sunday once more, how would it look like?

I love traveling, so while I can’t pick one specific Sunday to repeat, I think the best Sundays we’ve spent together have been when we were exploring somewhere new. We would start the morning slow as usual, with plans to grab coffee and breakfast followed by lots of exploring.

Photography: Anaise Prince @anaiseprince