Anastasia Lopatina magazine editor based in Moscow, Russia

Tell me about your Sundays. Are they more spontaneous or planned? 

Sunday has always been kind of a “lazy day” for me. On Sunday I don’t need to plan anything, so I can slow down and just go with the flow. I can stay in bed a little longer, enjoy the morning silence and then have breakfast and start a new day without a rush.

In summer I usually spend Sundays walking around the town with my friends or cycling. But if it rains outside, I’d love to stay at home with a cup of tea and a good book. It helps me relax before I’ll go back to work on Monday.

Recently you traveled to Montenegro. How did you spend your Sundays over there? Were they different from the ones at home?

It’s the third time I come to Montenegro and now it feels like home to me. I fell in love with this place at first sight and I can go back here over and over again to see its charming towns, friendly people and beautiful nature.

Usually I stay in an apartment near Kotor Bay. It’s calm and peaceful here, and the sea is only a few minutes away from the house.

Basically, everyday I spend in Montenegro is like Sunday to me. But instead of lying in bed for another half an hour (as I do at home on Sunday morning), I wake up early, have a light breakfast and go to the beach. Since I live in Moscow most of the year, I can’t wait for summer, when I’ll finally have a chance to go to the seaside, jump into the salt water and feel the sun touching my skin. Honestly, I could spend all day swimming and sunbathing, but there are so many beautiful places here so I can't stay at the beach for too long. So after lunch I go to Kotor to grab some ice-cream and walk around the old town. In the evening I come to the seafront to watch the sun go down over the mountain range – it’s absolutely breathtaking!

Since you're an editor in a magazine, you probably read a lot of texts. What do you choose to read on Sundays? What book would you recommend for someone who's searching for a new great read?

Oh, yeah, I read a lot! My favorite writer is Erlend Loe. And I love reading his books on Sundays. At first sight, his stories may seem a little weird and meaningless, but the way he writes about the simple things always cheers me up. I’ve read almost all of his books, but I like “L” the most. When I’m stressed out or upset, when my life feels like a mess or I lost my way, this book always helps me to get back on track.

The last great book I’ve read is “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt. Absolutely brilliant and exciting story, which makes you forget about real life for a while. So if you’re looking for a good book to drown in, that’s it.

Photography: Anastasia Lopatina @nesty_lo