Andrea Hartman ethical style blogger based in Portland, OR, US

Since you work for yourself and can plan your week the way you want. Could you talk more about Sundays specifically? How are they special for you?

Sundays are a pretty good day around our household. After breakfast we start the day by heading to church. We are part of a fellowship that meets in the heart of Portland. I've been so thankful to connect with many wonderful people there, from all walks of life; they challenge me and make me feel loved. After church we often visit our favorite bagel shop for lunch. My kids are aged 8, 6 and 3, and they love to pick out their own bagel flavors and enjoy a meal out. The rest of the day is pretty relaxed and casual. Awhile back my husband and I were taking what we called ‘smart phone sabbath’ on Sundays. It was a much-needed disconnect from the digital world that we always feel so tied to. The best part is how much more time we felt we had in our days. Time to lazily do puzzles with the kids or read a book on the couch. I think it’s time we start our ‘sabbath’ back up again!

You mostly spend weekends with your family. But probably all your Sundays are different and unique. Do you remember one that really stood out?

My favorite Sundays are when we head out together on a family adventure. This usually means we get to follow our kids around while they explore a local farm or museum. My husband and I get a chance to hang back a bit and sip coffees while we hold hands and watch our crew get excited about something new. These are truly, my favorite family days.

When reading your blog I noticed how hard it was for you in the beginning but how easily you construct your clothing combinations right now. Could you share your philosophy when choosing an outfit?

I love styling clothes! It’s very fun and constantly challenges me. When I put together an outfit, I always think about how I want to feel, cozy, polished, creative… and I build from there. On the ‘cozy’ days soft sweaters usually win out. On the ‘polished’ days I like to opt for smart footwear and something tailored. On ‘creative’ days, well, the sky’s the limit. The second factor is the weather. It rains a lot here, and if I’m going to be outside I need to make sure I’m prepared to take on a little bit of water. The third, and perhaps most heavily-weighed factor is my color palette. I love building outfits where the colors and tones complement each other. It’s like hitting the right notes in a song.

Your view in slow fashion is not only reflected in your outfit but also in your home interior. Could you please share when and how this view appeared into your life? How did it change it?

My slow-fashion approach to my closet has definitely impacted my approach around the home. It definitely helps that we live in a small space, less than 1200 square feet for 5 people. Because of that each item has to ‘earn’ its way into my home. I don’t have space for meaningless trinkets, I’d rather adorn my shelves with items that hold a special meaning for me. In my living room we have an antique crystal doorknob from our first home sitting on a shelf in front of a family photo. In our bedroom I have a beautiful, carved wood bottle that my dad brought home from a trip to Grand Cayman before I was born. It was a fixture in my childhood home, and now my kids regularly pick it up and pull it apart (it has three pieces) and put it back together again. I love to cultivate what matters.

Photography: Andrea Hartman @andrea_hartman_