Anja Ben travel blogger based in Zagreb, Croatia

Tell me more about your Sundays, how do you like to spend them?

In the morning, I love sleeping in and then watch travel or nature/environmental documentaries with my husband Luka (we are both big fans of Sir Dave Attenborough) or read a book in bed.  If we have fresh eggs from a friend’s farm, Luka makes a delicious omelet for breakfast. Often we visit my parents and have lunch at their home which is about an hour drive from us. In the evening we munch on all the goodies my mum packs for us and watch a movie or have drinks with friends. In the winter season, we go hiking in the nearby hills almost every weekend - we enjoy the exercise, wintery landscape and breathing in the crisp mountain air, but mostly we enjoy treating ourselves with a hearty lunch in a warm mountain hut!

Name a country that you liked to spend your Sunday in? In what way was that Sunday a special day for you?

I love spending all the days of the week in Italy, and Sunday is no exception. About a month ago we visited Marettimo, a little island off the western coast of Sicily - it was our second visit and we felt at home already. We made friends with a group of locals, and spent most time swimming, eating good food and having drinks and talks with them. On Sunday that week, we had a tasty breakfast at our b&b (there were homemade cakes and jams, fruit, free-range eggs etc) and then rented a boat for a day trip. As soon as we found a nice bay to anchor in, our propeller fell off, and when we informed the boats around us about our “accident”, everyone was eager to help - locals and tourists alike, with people diving with us trying to find a propeller and a guy coming from the port to save us. By the evening, the story of our lost propeller spread and it was the talk of the night with our island friends. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend a Sunday.

Do you have a special location in your city that you insist everyone should visit on a weekend?

Yes! Kino Europa cinema is my absolute favorite spot in the city - it is one of the last remaining old cinemas in Zagreb, with a beautiful hall dating back to 1920’s (I’m talking red velvet chairs and stucco decorated walls). They mostly give independent contemporary movies, house a couple of internationally known festivals and in the last years they teamed up with Zagreb philharmonics that plays live music accompanying a cult silent film. Oh, and there is a cool bar and the best popcorn in town as well!

Photography: Anja Ben @themintstory