Ann Elizabeth Mekala floral designer and stylist based in St. Paul, MN, US

Mornings seem to be special for you. Are Sunday mornings somehow different from the rest of your week?

Yes. Mornings are sacred for me. They are my time of reverence, reflection and being still. I find the peace of mornings, coffee in hand, whispered prayers, Satie playing, candles burning, quiets my mind for the rest of the day.

As a believer in Christ, Sundays are the most sacred mornings for me. They are more hurried as I dress and prepare to attend worship. Coffee is consumed as I put on my coat and glide out the door. But gathering together with other worshippers is one of my deepest joys of the week.

Tell me about your most memorable Sunday?

The day I married my husband. December 11th 2016. I woke up to a thick flurry of snow. I laughed and sipped coffee with my best friends as we got ready for the day. We slipped and skidded on snowy roads to the little old church where I said "I do". Marrying my love on that cold and white Sunday… a day I will never forget.

What would be your dream Sunday?

I would love a slow morning with my husband in a new place. With time to think and sit and drink coffee and then a day of exploring a new city.

Photography: Ann Elizabeth Mekala @theflowerfades, Nirmal Mekala @n.rmal (4), Lydia Christine Toll @lydiatoll (1,7), Emilie Anne Szabo @emilieanneszabo (5,8)