Anna Núñez graphic designer and illustrator based in Fort Myers, FL, US

You probably haven't documented each Sunday adventure. Please tell us about your most memorable one.

I think my most memorable Sundays have always been pretty different from one another. Never much of a routine - I’m either capping off the weekend with back to back activity, or nothing scheduled at all. The only commonality through them all, is that Sundays have always been reserved for my husband and I to do whatever we’d like that day. Not for work, or errands (okay, sometimes for cleaning - but only when the house separately needs it), but overall, Sundays are for us.

If I had to recount one of the sweeter kinds of Sunday’s I’ve had, I think it would look a lot like what you would imagine two artists chilling out at home would look like. I made some kind of breakfast that took longer than I expected too, but tasted great. Pancakes or a veggie/goat cheese frittata. We then would have eaten, done a few dishes to clean up, and then gone about on our respective projects from there. My husband is a musician - so he most likely would have been working away at some new songs in our sunroom or living room. And I as a freelance designer - turned mixed media artist on the weekends - would be doing my best to further whatever creative personal project I had going on at that time. I can never sit still for too long. And even though I don’t work on the weekends, I can’t help but feel fulfilled and relaxed by working on artwork for myself during these afternoons.

Then I’m sure we decided to take a break - because both of us get pretty stir crazy if we go too many hours without stepping outside - and in doing so, we probably chose to visit the thrift store, walk through a plant nursery, or go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Until it’s time to wind down with friends over dinner.

Whenever we’re not off traveling, we like to end Sunday’s with our church - which meets in a more untraditional style around the dining room table, in the home of some of our best friends. Anywhere from 10 to 25 of us gather and share about our lives that week, over some home-cooked dinner and wine (or old fashioned’s if all the ingredients are present). Having been raised with a more traditional Sunday-morning church routine, I can truly say that I have never experienced so much peace in my ability to reset like this for the week to come. Surrounded by folks who really care about us, who are happy to pray for us, can cry with us, and get excited about the cool stuff that we have on the horizon in the weeks to come. It helps us kick things off strong the next day.

It was impossible to not notice your love for plants. Is it true that most of your Sundays are spent in nature, botanical gardens or looking for a new house plant?

Gosh, I think every Sunday in a botanical garden sounds like an actual dream land! Even though that’s not quite the case, and I think my husband’s capped me on the amount of house plants that we can actually handle in our small apartment - I would say that I do spend a lot of my Sunday’s connecting to nature in whatever capacity I can. I love the way that pausing to soak in the natural environment around me can help me calm down when I find myself uptight, overthinking or needing to reset. Even if it’s just by stepping outside for a quick minute, or to bike around the neighborhood.

Are your Sundays a rest from the stress of the work week or a day to prepare for the upcoming one? Do you have any rituals related to that?

I think in my resting on Sunday’s, I’m setting myself up for success in the week to come. So much of my mental energy from Monday through Friday is devoted to my work and my dear clients, that I think it’s beneficial for everyone (especially my husband) when I can take the time to unwind and unplug on the weekend. It gives my mind a much needed break, and allows me to start again on Monday with a clear and inspired head - genuinely excited to get back to work on the projects at hand! I love being a freelance designer, artist and photographer - but burnout is all too real in these fields, and I’m so conscious of keeping inspiration fresh and gratitude high. Sunday’s are my secret reminder as to why I love my job so much.

Photography: Anna Núñez @annannunez, Jesús Miguel Núñez @jesus.miguel.nunez (4), Catherine Coons @catherinecoons (9)