Anna Salvador graphic designer based in Barcelona, Spain

What does Sunday mean to you?

Sunday means no worries, quietness and a little bit of adventure! 

What makes a Sunday special? Are there things that you only do on this specific day? 

Sundays are made to be enjoyed far from the city life. I live in Barcelona, a very crowded and busy city, and I'm always looking for quietness and trying to escape this lifestyle (as much as I can) spending Sundays surrounded by nature. It's refreshing to arrive at a place ready to explore. Coast or mountain, I don't care. I love to enjoy the silence even when it is broken by the little sounds of nature or your own footsteps. And the last thing, a long and relaxing bath just before going to sleep.

I don't imagine a better way to recharge batteries for the following days to come.

If it's raining on Sundays, how do your plans and activities change? 

If it's raining I'd rather stay at home reading a book or watching a movie with a hot chai latte, or perhaps editing pictures and looking for inspiration while I listen to the sound of the falling drops…

If you could do anything you'd like, what kind of Sunday would that be?

It would be a Sunday that would end up in a Monday. I'd like to travel far away from home but in a place near the sea. I imagine a long and empty beach, where you can take long walks through it and then spending the night in a little cabin. Finally, in the morning, I'd wake up having a delicious breakfast ready to come back to reality. 

Photography: Anna Salvador @annararo