Anne van Midden freelance stylist based in Amersfoort, The Netherlands

What does Sunday mean to you? How does it affect the rest of your coming week

Sundays are my favorite. Which is a little odd, because more than once Mondays are my Sundays. As a freelance stylist I work on a lot of gatherings & weddings in the weekends. Spring & Summer are usually quite hectic seasons for me. During those months, Mondays are my recovery days. Lots of couch potato-ing with Netflix, an unhealthy supply of chocolate, tea and my cat. In the cold seasons, Sundays are the ultimate chill days. No matter what the season or schedule, I love to slow down. Especially in the evening. My husband makes long days at work, so we always try to really spend time together before the craziness of the week starts again. We have dinner at our table, poor in a glass of wine and put on music instead of Netflix. For me, that is the perfect way to end a week and start a new one without feeling rushed.

What are the three best ways to spend a Sunday according to Anne

- Sleeping in, obviously. We recently replaced our dark curtains with see-through ones and I love the early morning light in our bedroom. My favorite way to start the day is to listen to the world waking up. I just love the quiet hours. We live near a busy street, so when there is no sound but rain or birds singing, you need to stop and listen!

- Having no plans and taking it slow. I don't like to stuff my days. When I can leave some days on my calendar unwritten, I will. The feeling of not having to do anything is the best. If I want to scroll through Pinterest all day, I can. But if we want to get out, take a hike or have a little adventure with our firevan, we can. That freedom is part of relaxation, if you ask me.

- Eating. Haha, that sounds a bit random doesn't it? But big lunches and special dinners are definitely a Sunday favorite. I would love to have extravagant breakfasts too, but my husband isn't the sleeping in kind of guy. He is up as soon as the sun is up. Which means he already had breakfast when I come down. In a perfect world we would wake up together and have a fancy breakfast. Pancakes, fruit, eggs, juice, the whole package.

You spend a lot of time in nature. Tell me how the idea of camping with a red firevan come to you? What is your Sunday morning like when you wake up surrounded by trees?

I do, I love being outside! I think nature is the most beautiful 'thing' and I enjoy it as much as I can. We bought our 1975 firevan a few years ago and have been working on a rebuild. It will be a campervan when we are ready and our big goal is to road trip to the North Cape. Until then we have smaller adventures in our own country. Weekend camping trips for example. We don't have to go far to enjoy ourselves. For us, there is nothing better than to park in a forest, go to sleep in complete silence, wake up with the sound of birds and the view on trees from our window. Pure happiness!

On those mornings everything is about slowing down. We open the van door, let the fresh morning breeze in and quickly crawl back under the warm blankets. We sit outside in our pj's and sweaters and wait for the water to heat up to make a cup of coffee. We boil eggs, eat breakfast, read a little, make plans for new adventures, drink some more coffee, take photos, eat some more.. We could do that all day. The only thing stopping us is our desire to explore. So after lunch, we go on a little hike. And when we come back.. it's back to the drinking, eating and adventure talking ;)

Photography: Anne van Midden @annevanmidden, Danique van Kesteren @oakandfir (1), Hanke Arkenbout @hankearkenbout (5) Stefan Tijsen @stijsen (7)