Annette Pehrsson photographer based in Halmstad, Sweden

Waffles - I noticed it's a tradition at your home. Who prepares them, and how did it happen that it's the way you start your Sundays?

When I was a kid my mum made waffles for brunch every other Sunday, and I think it was inevitable that it would continue to follow me. I will probably keep it with me for the rest of my life. Not only does it feel like a comforting way (for me) to start a Sunday, but it's also such an easy and cheap way to make breakfast feel more luxurious. Usually I prepare the batter and my boyfriend and I take turns baking them.

Annette, you're living in Sweden surrounded by the most amazing nature. Am I right in thinking that you spend most afternoons outside?

You're right! Sometimes I have to be dragged outside though because I initially feel like I have other things to do at home or because I'm feeling a little blue, but in the end it's always a good idea to be outside. I live on the west coast of Sweden and my favorite place to be is definitely by the shore, preferably taking long walks and stopping somewhere for ice cream.

What film do you recommend for a calm Sunday evening?

Her, by Spike Jonze. One of my all time favorites. The mood and pace of this film is so soothing. It's also a very interesting subject (perfect to dwell on on a Sunday night) - the digital age, the way it is depicted here sometimes feels like it is just around the corner in our own society. We're always connected and easy to reach, but are we despite this somehow becoming more alone?

Photography: Annette Pehrsson @annettepehrsson