Araki Koman illustrator and designer based in Antwerp, Belgium

Is there something you can't imagine your Sunday without?

Lazy morning in bed
Mellow brunch
Slow pace
Focus on pleasurable activities
Lot of rest (even more than usual)

When you travel, what do your Sundays look like then?

As a slow nomad, I usually stay in places for a couples of months minimum which means that I don’t make much difference between living and travelling somewhere. Although the location and culture around me changes, I always consider myself as a local where I am (unless it’s for a very short trip). Changing location means adapting to the city’s Sunday’s events and cultural habits. In some places Sundays are like any other day and in others everything is closed so there’s less to do. The most important for me is to find a go to activity or place that always brings joy. For example, in London I loved brunching with friends, in Paris and Tokyo it was going to outdoor flea markets and garage sales, in Ubud I enjoyed going to evening Kirtan and most recently since living in Antwerp one of my favourite thing to do is cycling/walking in parks with my boyfriend. 

Is there anything that inspires you to spend Sunday differently each time? If so, what is it?

Maybe the magic combo freelance/nomad/Aries sun and Sagittarius rising? (haha). I thrive with change and new discoveries. The constant change of location, plus the fact that I mostly lived a self-employed lifestyle while being single meant that I didn’t really have a routine as I had the freedom to not follow any specific agenda. It’s a bit different now that I have a partner and more regular working hours with my current side job. Weekends are now fully dedicated to rest and leisure while before there were no different than other week days.

Photography: Araki Koman @araki.komanLena Rox @lena_rox (3), Kiriko Ueda (6), Akane Yabushita (7)