Ashley Wilson interior designer based in Salt Lake City, UT, US

How do your Sundays begin? Do you have a morning ritual? 

My mornings are nice and quiet. I wake up early, take my dogs out, and work on my laptop while I eat my breakfast. My son wakes up a few hours after I do and then we have our morning snuggle time.

What film do you recommend for a calm Sunday evening?

Lately, my husband and I have been watching Sherlock. Each episode is an hour and a half so it feels like a film!

If you could do anything you'd like, what kind of Sunday would that be?

My ideal Sunday would definitely include a family outing! Brunch, time at the park, and then relaxing at home during nap time.

You live in beautiful Salt Lake City, UT, how would you suggest one to spend time on a Sunday?

My favorite park to visit in Salt Lake is Liberty Park - we love to go see the birds at the aviary. Across the street is the most delicious brunch place - the Park Cafe. I love to stop by Trader Joe's for my fresh flowers for the week. Biking downtown is another fun way to see the city - and it's so quiet on Sunday that it's really a pleasant way to sight see! I'd then suggest a picnic on the grounds of the gorgeous state capital.

Photography: Ashley Wilson @athomewithashley, KaLee Renee Kilgrow @kaleereneephoto (1,3)