Ayla Loren wander enthusiast and photographer based in Seattle, WA, US

Could you tell us more about the way you spend your slow Sundays? What rituals can't your Sundays do without?

Most Sundays begin with long mornings made up of coffee brewed in our Chemex, shared stories over breakfast, and a stroll down to the local farmer's market.

As coffee makes its way into weekday and weekend mornings alike, I find myself savoring this aspect of Sundays as I sit at our dining table gazing into the courtyard rather than tossing the drink into a thermos and heading for the door like so many of us do on those preceding days.

Following our visit to the market we enjoy an afternoon of tending to the goods we've picked up; rinsing lettuces, slicing squash for dinner, and reading recipes for the week.

What film do you recommend for a calm Sunday evening?

Resting from our time in the kitchen we might find ourselves scrolling through a catalogue of documentaries such as 180degrees South or we might settle in to rewatch some of our favorite Office episodes.

If you could do anything you'd like on a Sunday, what would that be.

Dreaming of future time to spend during our Sundays we might plan a drive through the San Juan islands, or a day hike through a part of the Cascades, that is if we're not already waking up in the mountains from having backpacked the day before.

Photography: Ayla Loren @aylalorenn