Bahar Aydiner manager and traveller based in Istanbul, Turkey

You seem to start each morning with a cup of coffee. Is Sunday no exception? What kind of breakfast do you choose? 

The best way to enjoy my morning coffee is to have it on Sundays actually. On Sundays there is no rush for work and for an earlybird like me there is plenty of time to enjoy my coffee with a long, well deserved breakfast. Poached eggs and smashed avocado toast is my favourite along with some homemade granola yogurt as well.

You probably have a lot of adventures when you're traveling. Could you tell us about one that really stood out for you?

When I was in college I've made an Interrail trip in Europe with my friends. Back then there was no internet in your pocket. So you just had to find your way at tourist information centres and using city maps. And sometimes by just asking the people around. In Italy we've bought a timetable booklet for trains. We've spent one whole week in Italy, so this book helped a lot. The only problem is that it was in Italian and none of us could speak the language. Still with the help of people around, we did pretty well. Until that one night in a small town called Alessandria (God, I can never forget the name of this town) we wanted to interchange our train but the train we waited for never showed up because there was a little note in the timetable booklet in Italian saying that the train for the interchange does not work on Tuesdays and guess what? It was a damn Tuesday :) We missed that cute little note so we were stuck in a train station at midnght in the middle of nowhere and the next train would come in 6 hours. The best part just starts. Guess what, Alessandria was famous with its mosquitoes. In the train station there was like thousands of them. I have spent the time in my sleeping bag and sealed the zipper fully to protect myself from them. It was the hardest night I have spent, 40 degrees or more in a sleeping bag, sweating and craving for oxygen for nearly 6 hours until the train arrived.

Still, Italians, you lucky bastards :) Beautiful country, delicious food, shiny happy people...

How do Sundays influence your week?

There is no better boost than a well spent Sunday to start the new week. It can be a Sunday full with friends & family or it can be one to relax all by yourself. I just have to listen to myself and plan the day accordingly. So the following week comes in peace :)

Photography: Bahar Aydiner @bahar.aydiner