Beatriz Gaspar editor and corporate communicator based in Madrid, Spain

Beatriz Gaspar

Since you have children in your family, probably each day is full of laughter and fun. How are your Sundays different from other days? 

We don’t have to go to school and this is the most wonderful thing ever! We love to laze in bed, have breakfast together and play music loudly while we paint, play or clean the house.

Sunday morning with Beatriz Gaspar

Who in your family thinks of the different ideas for a Sunday? What was the most unexpected thing you did?

Definitely me, I’m always looking for different plans to do with them. Maybe the most unexpected thing we did was to wake up early and go with my daughter Martina and my mother to the Retiro park to see the sunrise. It was an incredible moment for us.

Walking with Beatriz Gaspar

You're living in the heart of Spain. Which location would you recommend to visit on a Sunday afternoon in Madrid.

Definitely the lake of my beloved Retiro park. Sitting on the stairs to watch the sunset while listening to some of the musicians playing live. Priceless!

Photography: Bea Gaspar @conbotasdeagua