Belinda Love Lee letterpress printmaker based in Toronto, Canada

What does Sunday mean to you? How does it influence your whole week's work?

Sunday's are my favourite days of the week, as it a great day to reset and get your mind straight before the whole new work week rolls around! Without a calmer Sunday, the rest of my week feels rushed!

How does your typical Sunday begin?

On Sunday's usually I'll try to take it slow, either starting it with brunch at home or either out, then typically we'll either spend it lounging around doing home projects, catching up on our latest favourite shows, or doing Sunday Roast with friends and a good old dog walk!

Do you have a special location in your city that you insist everyone should visit on a weekend?

It's not specifically a special location but I always think date day at a brunch joint is a good way to reconnect with your partner, get some alone one on one time before the busy week starts again! So if you can I'd insist everyone to carve out time for brunch! Or if you're too lazy to cook or head out that morning an extra late lie in bed is always just as soul fulfilling!

Do you already have plans for the next weekend?

We hate planning our weekends and love keeping it open ended for lots of spontaneous things to pop up as well as time to relax!

Photography: Belinda Love Lee @belindalovelee, Linda Rose @belovedlindarose (1)