Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer designer and digital curator based in Copenhagen, DK

How do Sundays begin in your home? How is Sunday special compared to other weekdays for you?

Sundays begin very early now that I am a Mom. Me and my husband take turns on getting up with Carla and sleeping in. When we are all up, we have breakfast together, usually with fresh fruit and eggs and always with freshly made coffee.

To me Sunday is special because it is a day that forces you to relax and enjoy each other's company. Most stores are closed (not in a big city like Copenhagen) but you are used to things being closed and therefore are only able to relax. Sometimes we go to a flea market, there are many good ones in Denmark, or visit our family and hang out all day with good food and coffee.

How are your Sundays similar and different during sunny and rainy days?

On sunny days we seek to go outside. We might go to the beach, the local park or a flea market up north. Sometimes we explore new parts of Copenhagen that we haven’t seen. When it rains we watch a movie together, the whole family, play games or do things around the house. Both types of Sundays are good and one wouldn’t be special without the other.

Please share your most memorable Sunday with us.

My most memorable Sunday is the Sunday after we had Carla. I have had a few days to recover after the birth and we did nothing but watch a good series on Netflix, looking at the baby sleeping and eating good food and a half glass of red wine, feeling nothing but happiness.

Photography: Caroline Birk Bahrenscheer @septemberedit, Mikkel Adsbøl @mikkeladsbol (1)