Cate St Hill interiors writer, stylist and designer based in London, UK

Your Sunday mornings start with breakfast in bed. What happens after that?

My boyfriend Olivier and I will stroll down the road to the nearby park for a walk with our miniature dachshund Francis. We'll take in the view over London before walking down the hill to the local farmer's market in Herne Hill. We buy fresh organic vegetables for the week, some sourdough bread and a coffee or two. Then its back home to chill-out and read the papers, before venturing out later to see friends or go to the cinema.

Your dog Francis seems to be your daily companion, including on Sundays. How does your dog attach to your Sunday plans?

He's always with us, so he goes wherever we go, out on the tube, to a coffee shop, a pub, an art gallery if we can sneak him in! Back home, sofa time means he gets endless cuddles and belly rubs.

In daily life as in your profession you seem to seek simplicity. How does it reflect in your Sundays?

It's enjoying the little moments that uplift the everyday, taking time over things and embracing a slower pace than during the week. It's allowing yourself to take pleasure in the art of doing nothing and not feeling guilty about it.

Photography: Cate St Hill @catesthill, Jason Ingram @jasoningram (8)