Cécile Molinié content creator and photographer based in Paris, France

Do you plan your Sundays? Or do you let them flow naturally?

With 4 children from 18 to 8 and a very busy husband, if we don’t plan anything we don’t do anything :) It doesn’t mean that Sundays are always planned but as much as I like the idea of a brand new free and lazy day, I don’t like the feeling on Sunday evening that we have just done nothing!

My husband loves to make Sunday special and it starts with the breakfast. He (or I) goes to the bakery and comes back with a bag full of fresh croissants, pains au chocolat, ficelle (a crunchy little baguette) and baguettes. This is the best breakfast of the week, we all have more time to enjoy it. I squeeze oranges, grapefruits or clementines, we have tea or hot chocolate (croissants dipped in hot chocolate are so good!) and home made jams. Very French! Then we dress up and we go to church when we are in Paris. It is a moment you save in the week to meditate and gather with a community. Time that you give to others at the end of a very busy and sometimes stressful week.

We always bake one or 2 cakes for Sundays. Because Sunday is the day for sweet treats!

Morning is over and time for lunch! We often go to a simple Turkish restaurant close to our house during the winter season. In spring or summer, we like to go outside of Paris for barbecues, picnics…

Afternoons are for walks in Paris, Brocantes (I am a huge fan of Brocantes and love to spend Sunday afternoon hunting little treasures)… and homework and planning the new week ahead.

We try to have dinner early to save time for a movie that we watch before it is time to go to bed… And wait for the next Sunday to arrive!

How different are your Sundays in the winter and summer?

In the winter, Sundays are mostly spent inside and in Paris. I love to go out for a walk and find it invigorating but it is more about reading, writing, watching movies, going to museums.

In the summer, we are often out of the city (because the children have an 8 week holiday break). So Sundays are spent outdoors, when at the beach, my husband joins us for the weekend so it is boat rides and picnics on a sandbar, or in the countryside, late lunch barbecues by the pool, with friends. Long afternoon walks in the countryside and these long summer evenings dinners al fresco with a brasero, late bed hours…

It's possible to find you in the Paris city center as well as the countryside. Where do you prefer spending your Sunday more?

As much as I love Paris, I really prefer to spend Sundays in the countryside. Paris for all of us is daily life, school, work, stress, noise… Whereas the countryside is the happy place with no school, a different and slower pace, the moment to connect with nature, more time to cook and let the kids play outside in the meantime, more freedom.

Where can you find the best Sunday breakfast in Paris?

We used to go out for breakfast (my husband and I) when we had no children and when we had small ones that we left to the grandparents for the night. It was a special moment, getting dressed, going out with a book or the newspaper and sit at a cozy traditional brasserie on the velvet sofa with a huge breakfast tray full of classic French treats. It is like waking up in a hotel in your own city! We used to go to La Coupole on boulevard Montparnasse because it is the closest. Very classic and old fashioned. I also love Buvette, more trendy and not that close to where we live…

Photography: Cécile Molinié @cecilemoli