Charlie Swift blogger and social media freelancer based in Bristol, UK

Sunday mornings in Bristol in spring, what are they like? 

I’m all about taking it slow on Sunday mornings. I’m usually an early riser and enjoy the quiet time in the early hours when I’m the only one awake. As the weather gets warmer, I’ll take my tea outside and maybe do a little writing as the world wakes up. Sunday mornings often involve my husband and I meal planning for the week (sometimes still from bed!), we spread out our favourite cookbooks, drink lots of tea and plan all the tasty things to cook for the coming week and write our grocery list before heading to our local shops. There’s always something fun to do in Bristol on Sundays so after a slow start we’ll maybe head out to a local market or to explore a different part of the city.

I’m a firm believer in that saying ‘a Sunday well spent brings a week of content’, taking time on Sunday to focus on how I want my week to flow makes for a much calmer life.

Where do you recommend to have breakfast or drink a good cup of coffee? 

There are so many amazing brunch spots in Bristol that it’s so hard to choose just one but Baker’s & Co and Kate and Kim’s are always my top recommendations. My new favourite is a place called Ceres Coffee on the ever vibrant Stokes Croft, the coffee is great and the Melbourne-style brunches are so fresh, flavourful and delicious - try the sweet corn fritters with halloumi loaded with micro herbs, so good!

You probably can't imagine your life without music. What influences your playlist? Is there a song that mirrors your Sundays?

Music is definitely a huge part of my life. Although I listen to all sorts, my playlists have a habit of leaning towards folky-type music, which I think sounds particularly lovely on a Sunday. On Sunday mornings I often listen to Cerys Matthews on BBC Radio 6 Music and love the eclectic mix she plays; following on from that Sundays always seem like the perfect day to play old vinyl on our player and dance around.

A song that mirrors my Sundays? Well, it has to be the song ‘Sunday’ by Bloc Party! Including the lyric "I love you in the morning, when you're still hung-over”; the track is a beautiful account of spending hungover Sundays with your love. We even had it played and sung live by my cousin in our wedding ceremony.

I’ve actually made an ‘Ode to Sunday' playlist.

Photography: Charlie Swift @_charlieswift, Lauren Jayne Hall @laurenjaynehall (1,4)