Chihiro Yoshii illustrator based in Tokyo, Japan

What does Sunday mean to you? Are there things you do on every Sunday?

Sunday morning and Sunday midnight are special to me. Sunday morning makes me feel slow and relaxed. There's something mystical about silent Sunday midnight, all are asleep to start a whole new week.

We never fail to go for a walk (we live in a suburb that has rich greenery) and take our time with it on every Sunday. Sometimes we go to a big park near our house and have lunch under a tree. I also like to have breakfast on our rooftop on Sunday morning.

I love the work of illustration, but I'm racing against time on weekdays. I think that we should spend enough time with children, no matter what we're doing. I think it's possible on Sundays.

You're a mother and illustrator, what is the most beautiful children's book for you?

For me, the most beautiful children's book is "Blumen marchen" by Ernst Kreidolf. He anthropomorphized flowers in a realistic manner and they are so poetic and refined. I get a lot of inspiration from them.

If there's one Japanese author I like, it is Chihiro Iwasaki. We, Japanese children, grew up being familiar with her paint as illustrations for textbooks used in the elementary schools. She painted very beautiful watercolors boldly and delicately. I have the same first name so I especially feel familiar with her.

By the way... my boy loves books of vehicles!

We have long been fascinated by Tokyo. What would you recommend to visit on a Sunday?

Oh, I'm glad to hear that! If you visit on Sunday, I recommend two markets, Oedo Antique Market and Raw Tokyo. You can find beautiful antiques from Japan and abroad in the former, and good styled people who love vintage clothes in the latter. Awesome people I follow usually join each market. I recommend the grocery stores: Fukushimaya, Akomeya, and Food & Company as well. You can find great food from all over Japan there.

Photography: Chihiro Yoshii @chocochop2 ( 2,3,4,7,8), Rika Tomomatsu @tmomat (1,6,9), Hideaki Hamada @hamadahideaki (5)