Chloé Crane-Leroux photographer based in New York, NY, US

What does Sunday mean to you?

To me, Sundays are meant to unwind and relax. I am a morning person, so I usually wake up at 7 am on Sundays too! I love making my own breakfast, I typically make a big brunch on Sunday: scrambled tofu, fruits and sourdough toast are my favorite combo. Enjoying those little moments prepares me for the week ahead, and I love it!

I noticed that you're often shooting table decor and encourage gatherings. Would you say this is a special way for you to spend Sundays? 

Definitely, I'm always looking forward to creating gatherings that involve food, good conversations and a beautiful setting. When I'm in Montreal, Sundays are spent with my family. We always make waffles, style a beautiful table and enjoy each other's company. I always love mornings like this because I get to capture those special moments.

How different are your Sundays compared to New York and Montreal?

Montreal Sundays are all pretty similar: breakfast with the fam and a day of cuddles and movies. In New York, there's always something going on, a new restaurant opening up or a friend in town, so I go out for brunch often and spend most of my day with friends. Nevertheless, I enjoy my time alone and love taking this day to be still and do some creative work.

Photography: Chloé Crane-Leroux @chloecleroux