Christine Kamp conscious living advocate based in New England, US

What are the three things that you spoil yourself on Sundays?

1. Having a moment in the morning to ease into the day. Whether that means sleeping in or getting up early to have time to myself. Throughout the week, my mornings are usually jam packed and rushed, so it is nice to enjoy the early parts of the day. I usually like to put on my morning playlist, make hot lemon water and read through my coffee table books.

2. A glass of wine around 4pm while I’m either catching up on my shows or starting to make dinner. To me, there’s nothing better than an early afternoon glass of wine - it feels like such a luxury.

3. Putting my phone away for long periods of time. When I spend less time on my phone, I like to read or play around with my photography and just be present instead of mindlessly scrolling. I completely get refreshed and ready for the new week ahead.

How different are your Sundays in the summer and winter?

In the summer, I tend to get up early to beat the heat for my morning runs. My husband and I then try to visit the beach in the mornings too, so we can still enjoy our afternoon back at the apartment to prep for the week. We’re lucky enough to live by the water so during the summer, we make it a priority to spend time by the ocean as often as we can. 

As for the winter I’m definitely inside more, but I still make it outside for either a run or a long walk to get the fresh air. I will say, our Sundays in the winter months tend to be slower because we have less going on (ie: travel, weddings, baby & bridal showers, etc.) and honestly, I look forward to those quiet months the most! I get a lot more done in the apartment, which leaves more time for me to be lazy.

When you catch yourself in moments of quiet, what are you doing at that time?

I really have to pause and think about this question because I always love to have music or a podcast in the background. But in the early mornings when I’m getting ready, I like to put my makeup on or take care of my morning skincare routine in silence. It helps me process and reflect on my thoughts for the upcoming day. I definitely need to add more of these quiet moments into my life!

Do you already have plans for the upcoming Sunday?

This upcoming Sunday will be a complete reset button and a day for organization! My husband and I will just be coming back from being away for a week, after spending time with family and friends for Thanksgiving. I need to get groceries, do laundry, clean the apartment and be in 100% prep mode. And then the best part of this Sunday will be getting our Christmas tree! One of our yearly traditions is to get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, so our prep filled Sunday will end with listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree.

Photography: Christine Kamp @christine__kamp