Claudia Baske photographer based in the Bavarian Alps, Germany

You're living with your beautiful family in the Alps, how do your Sundays look over there? 

A Sunday over here usually starts very slowly. We love to cuddle up in bed with the little ones, followed by really good breakfast. The rest of the day is a mixture of being outdoors and playing, crafting, baking or reading together inside.

Do you still manage to find time for yourself when being a mother? How do you spend these moments? 

Since my daughters are still very young, I have these me-time moments during their nap time. I always try to manage my daily to-dos before or after this time so I find a moment to rest while sitting by the window, enjoying a strong coffee and the mountain view, or I am baking some yummy stuff for the family - which, for me, is some kind of yoga.

With Christmas approaching, what are your plans for these festive weekends? 

We’ve just visited our old hometown Bonn for the first and second advent weekend and spent lots of time with our families and friends. I’ve never been a friend of all this Christmas consumerism, but truly believe that the month of merry should be lived and celebrated slowly and meaningfully with the ones you love. For me and us it’s more about making memories you can treasure in your hearts, living traditions which will be passed on to the next generation. So we were baking cookies with oma, ate lots of soul food, had a sleep over at my sisters, visited a local alternative Christmas market, read winter and Christmas books and enjoyed intentional togetherness. And this is what we will do until Christmas too, now that we are back home.

Photography: Claudia Baske