Cordelia McClintock teacher of yoga based in Southwest Michigan, US

How do your Sundays begin? Do you have a morning ritual?

Sunday begins early, in the winter it's still dark when I roll out of bed. There is something about the still, quietness of the morning that warms my spirit. I head to the kitchen first. If it is messy I clean it while a kettle of water boils. I pour a glass of hot lemon water and make a pot of coffee. Once the kitchen is clean I go to the living room and tidy the couch, coffee table, and blankets. Then I snuggle. I sip my coffee by candlelight and look at Instagram, read a book, or sometimes I even watch a chick flick. I soak in all the alone time I can and recharge my introverted soul with hot coffee and light-hearted entertainment.

It seems spending time with your loved ones is very important to you. Are your Sundays devoted to your family? 

Growing up Sundays were all about family. We went to church together, cleaned together and got Indian food together. Now living in a different state than most of my family, Sundays have changed. Cale (my husband) and I call Sunday, Adventure Sunday. We usually include a hike through the woods or nap on the beach. Maybe a visit to a new brewery or nearby small town. We just let the mood take us wherever and sometimes it leaves us watching movies and eating pizza. Mostly it is about being together. This is our second year of marriage, so we are thoroughly enjoying each others company and learning to do new things as a couple, in a new home.

What are your plans for next Sunday?

Next Sunday is a new year! It will start the same as usual, coffee in hand. In the afternoon I am teaching an empowering yoga class around the theme of letting go to make room for something new. I am sure it will leave me inspired to declutter, organize and clean our home/my closet. 2016 was all about simplifying for me and it is still a practice I am enjoying. I can't imagine a better way to start a 2017 than in a clean home, with a good meal, and Cale.

Photography: Cordelia McClintock @cordeliaann , Ruth Yaro @ruthyaro (2,4)