Delfina Carmona photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Describe your typical Sunday, how does it begin? 

My Sundays always start with good music. I usually get up early to take advantage of the morning light (which is always beautiful) and I have breakfast in bed with my boyfriend. During breakfast we make plans for the day, listening to some album that we like, talking about different topics. Our cat always wakes up in bed with us, purring and asking for her own breakfast.

What does Sunday mean to you? How does it influence your whole week's work? 

Sundays are usually days that I really like. I don’t usually feel depressed as most people do. I think that kind of depression happens because for many people the beginning of the week means going back to tedious jobs or activities that don’t give them any joy or nice feelings. I love my job and appreciate being able to do it every day. Even Sundays are often days when I spend some time taking photographs but usually try to spend them with my loved ones. At home having a warm tea or coffee, visiting a museum, watching movies or series in pajamas, reading or walking around somewhere with lots of green, seeking new inspiration for the week. It’s a day that works for me as an energy-recharge for the following days to come.

What are your plans for next weekend?

Next weekend will find me taking some photos, but I'll make time to have dinner with my boyfriend in a restaurant that we like a lot, go to the movies, buy some new plants and visit some friends.

Photography: Delfina Carmona @delfinacarmona