Dörte Lange creative director, founder of The Lissome based in London, UK

What would you say is the perfect Sunday for you?

On Sundays, I love to start the day slowly. I love to read in bed, I love to cuddle and chat with my boyfriend before I finally rise and prepare a full English breakfast (vegetarian) whilst listening to some mellow tunes by Joao Gilberto or a podcast like NPR’s Invisibilia. I don’t like to have too many plans. During the week I am very organized but Sundays are my days of drifting. On a perfect Sunday, I manage to tune off, recharge and get grounded again.

What kind of Sundays does Dörte choose? Active or calm and serene ones?

I usually prefer calm and serene ones. But there are exceptions to the rule. Sometimes I am hungry for inspiration and want to see an exhibition. Or I really long to be among people and want to walk the streets of London or hang out in a cafe and watch the world go by. We live on a boat and are moored in different parts of the city and often I spend my Sundays exploring hidden parts of London and neighborhoods that are new to me.

You're living in a constantly rushing London. How do you manage to relax and run away from all the noise?

I try to keep away from the center, especially during rush hour. I have recently started up my own business, Lissome, an online guide for mindful fashion and an agency for art direction and brand identity, and I am often working from home. Being my own boss gives me more autonomy, I can avoid certain places at certain times. I also very much enjoy living on a boat in London. It’s a very different lifestyle. The canals run through the center of the city but they are a world apart. Life on the canals is quieter, we live on the water and therefore closer to nature. When I brew my morning coffee I often watch swans swimming by or a group of wild ducks taking off.

What place would you recommend for a picnic or to read a book, that would be cozy and still unknown to tourists?

I love spacious Victoria Park in the East End of London. “The Pavillion” does great breakfasts and you can overlook a cute pond and its birdlife. Also, Victoria Park village is not far and there are plenty of nice cafes and pubs close by. Another recent favorite of mine is Golborne Road, at the very end of famous Portobello Road in Notting Hill. I love the local Portuguese cafes that seem of another era and there are great vintage clothing shops such as “Rellik” to get lost in.

Photography: Dörte Lange @dortelange