Elisabeth Noël floral and interior designer based in Antwerp, Belgium

What is special about Sundays for you? What can you not imagine a Sunday without?

Sundays are made of this: pause - breathe - live.

I'm an early bird, therefore I'm usually awake quite early on Sunday. I just love to keep lying in bed for just half an hour, stretching my body and enjoying my morning view in my own small urban jungle. While I'm doing this I usually reflect upon what I would want to do that day. No Sunday is the same, but they all start slow. Everything feels natural. Going to the bakery, making some fresh juice and coffee, and just embrace the here and now while enjoying breakfast.

Do you plan your Sundays? Or do you let them flow naturally?

I used to plan my Sundays, but after rushing from one thing to another during the week, I really need a day off (or at least a few hours) to focus on myself and my personal essentials. Just doing things that matter to me, like spending time in nature, gardening, working on a floral design, visiting friends or family, discovering new places, having my coffee outside to see the sunrise,... make me feel balanced. These kind of moments are so precious to me.

If you could illustrate your Sunday in flowers, what would they be? And what would they symbolize?

Definitely chamomile. The pretty little white flowers symbolize my small moments on a Sunday. They are not big, and they don't have to be. They are sweet and pure, like the moments I have together with my boyfriend, friends and family. It's all about making time for things that truly matter.

Photography: Elisabeth Noël @allthingselisabeth, Clara Silkens @clasilk (1)