Erin Lenzini photographer based in Portland, OR, US

What is the first thing you do on a  Sunday morning?

At some point during the night each of our kids makes it to our bed, Shepherd to nurse and Fisher to simply be close, so upon waking there’s typically a good family cuddle before anything else. It’s one of my favorite parts of the day, to open my eyes and see my entire family first thing.

You are very close with your family, what are you doing on weekends?

My husband keeps an ongoing list on his phone of places to see, restaurants to try and experiences he’d like us to have so I can pretty much count on him to have a plan for a family outing of some sort. Sometimes that plan is simply a bus ride downtown to walk the waterfront or visit the farmer’s market. Other times the plan is a bit more adventurous... maybe a hike to a new waterfall or day trip to the coast. More than anything, our weekends are about cultivating connection as a family. We have plenty of weekends where the only plan is to pick weeds from our garden or to sit around the fire pit in the evening, not leaving the house once. Those weekends are just as meaningful and memorable as any other to us because we are together.

If you could repeat a Sunday once more, how would it look?

The morning would allow for lingering in bed just a little bit longer. The sound of worship music would fill our house as we filled our tummies readying ourselves for church. We’d take in the sights of that season- the buds of spring, the blooms of summer, the leaves of fall and the bare trees in winter- as we walked to Sunday service. Afterward, we grab a bite to eat and a coffee before our slow walk back home for afternoon naps. In short, my ideal Sunday, the Sunday I’d keep on repeat, would be one where we enjoyed God, each other and creation.

Photography: Erin Lenzini @erinlenzini