Ester Cuni adventurer and photographer based in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Ester Cuni

How do your Sundays begin? Do you have a morning ritual?

Sunday is the best day to chill out and relax. After breakfast I love to work on the blog ( and edit some photos that I have done during the week. It is the best moment to switch on my indie music playlist and start working on my stuff. After having a relaxed morning at home, in the afternoon my partner and I love to go out to do photos and explore some new spot in Tenerife. It is a must thing to do as during the week we don't have enough time because of our jobs.

Ester Cuni

Do you plan your Sundays? Or do you let them flow naturally

I really let my Sundays flow naturally. I do not like to get stressed about thinking what to do during the day. I just let the day go on. Every Sunday is different for me. Maybe one Sunday I am all day at home working on the computer or another one I go on a campaign to some place on my beautiful island.

You seem to spend a lot of time in nature, would you say that the best weekends are away from the city noise?

I really would love to spend even more time in nature. Nature makes me feel free and relaxed. During the week I live near the city because of my job and that is why I need to be frequently in town. So many noises, people and things to do make me feel overwhelmed. Weekends, and specially Sundays, are done to escape from reality and get lost in nature. I am lucky to live on an island surrounded by natural places. It is very easy to get to the forest or to the beach on the same day as everything is very near here in Tenerife. If I had to choose between forest or beach it would be impossible. I love both equally!

Ester Cuni x Ode to Sunday

Since you're an aspiring traveler, what would you recommend to do or see when in Tenerife on a Sunday?

If you love to travel you must visit not only Tenerife but the whole Canary Island. We are a set of 7 islands in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. There are so many beautiful places to see here that it is impossible to visit them all in one week.

Although if you ever come to Tenerife I highly recommend you to visit some of these places: Teide National Park, Forest of La Esperanza, The northern coast of Tenerife, Garachico, La Orotava and El Bollullo beach. All of these places are free to attend and Sunday is the best day to visit them.

Photography: Ester Cuni @estercuni