Éva Goicochea co-founder of Tinker Watches based in New York, NY, US

The best way to start a Sunday according to Éva? 

I am not much of a sleeper and to relax, I have to tidy up first. So most mornings, Sunday included, start with making the bed and then a simple green smoothie for the humans while our pets eat their breakfast. We'll then explore a neighborhood of the city on bikes or foot without a plan. This is why we moved to New York!

You've been traveling recently. How did you spend your Sunday then? How similar or different was it from the ones when you're at home?

When traveling, I like to forget what day of the week it is and treat all days like Sunday minus the morning routine: spontaneous, slow, and filled with good people and food. On our recent trip to Martha's Vineyard, we spent Sunday having brunch at State Road, then drove to Edgartown to watch the boats and stroll along the perfectly manicured streets, and then shared stories over dinner at The Covington. We were in no hurry and it was wonderful.

Where can you find the best Sunday breakfast in New York?

For me, it's always about one dish so here are a few of my favorites: Maiolino for their Cacio e Pepe eggs, Quality Eats for their Monkey Bread, and High Street on Hudson for their Forager Breakfast Sandwich. If in Brooklyn, try Tilda or Rider.

Do you already have plans for the upcoming Sunday?

We'll probably escape the heat during the day—reading indoors, a movie, or museum, perhaps—and then a garden BBQ with friends in Park Slope.

Photography: Éva Goicochea @evagoicochea