Evelina Mamedovaite interior designer based in London, Unided Kingdom

What does Sunday mean to you?

Sunday to me is time. Time to sleep in, time to read in bed, time to journal, time to set the intention for the week to come.

It’s a combination of both routine and accident - yoga class and farmer’s market in the morning followed by whatever the day brings.

Sundays with a group of friends. How do you spend time together?

I am very lucky to be surrounded by an incredible group of inspiring creative women. Walking and talking with them is one of my favourite pastimes - that’s where the most interesting discussions take place and my best ideas are born.

One week it’s going for long walks in Hampstead Heath or Richmond Park, another it’s simply wondering through London stopping by our favourite galleries or escaping the city altogether and heading to one of the National Trust houses in the countryside.

Whatever it is sharing ideas, finding new perspectives and being in the moment is always at the core of it.

Before you know it it’s been 25,000 steps.

You live in London, but seem to travel frequently. How do your Sundays differ between the ones at home and abroad?

The change of pace is my favourite aspect of Sundays that follows me wherever I am. Be it in London or abroad it’s about slowing down, doing less and noticing things more. Even though I am an enthusiastic planner arriving to every new destination with a list of things I’d like to see and experience, Sundays usually tell a different story.

They are spent wondering around new neighborhoods, being immersed in my surroundings, trying to capture the atmosphere specific to each place.

You and your colleague founded an interior architecture studio. Being self-employed work and rest often overlap. How do you combine this?

Chrystal - my business partner - and I met working for Faye Toogood and became fast friends on a work trip to Ibiza. Since then traveling has become a big part of our friendship and our professional work.

Even the idea for The Studio - interior design practice we founded a few months ago - was born in Marfa while exploring the body of work of Donald Judd, an artist who turned a sleepy town in Texas into art and design destination it is today.

Every trip we take is usually focused around an artist or architect who’s work we admire - be it Georgia O’Keeffe in Abiquiu, New Mexico, Otto Wagner in Vienna or Piero Portaluppi in Milan. We are forever in pursuit of finding spaces and works that move us and inspire us. Be it on a trip or in London - the lines between work and rest have been blurred.

Photography: Evelina Mamedovaite @evelina_