Filipa Pinto da Silva graphic designer based in Lisbon, Portugal

I read that your breakfast on weekends can be really special and very different from the rest of your week. How do you spoil your family during that time? 

The kids have quite different habits when it comes to breakfast. In fact they have opposite personalities when it comes to eating habits. My son Vicente usually wakes up starving and Alice is a very picky eater in the morning. On weekdays he usually has homemade granola (it took me almost a year to get the recipe right for him) or milk and toast with homemade nutela or peanut butter. By making these at home, I keep things tasty but also healthier. For Alice, to eat at all, I’m always trying different things that don’t consume much time, usually a smashed banana with orange juice or a milkshake. Adding to that, on weekends, we always have a poached egg. It is something I’ve been doing for myself for a long time and that the kids also came to love. Sometimes we also have avocado and toast to go with it, sometimes it’s pancakes with fruit or chocolate.

We tend to start our breakfast between 9.00 and 10.00 am. By having a strong one, sometimes we skip lunch at the table and grab a few snacks, especially in the winter, so we can make the most of the light hours outside.

How did your Sundays change when you decided to abandon "multitasking" and live more slowly. What about your children, since at this age they're always agile and curious, how do they understand slow Sundays?

I was never a multitasker and was always reminded of the fact whenever I tried to do so. Things would get burned most of the time! Slow has always been my nature, even though a bit unconscious. What changed in time was my own perception. A little age wisdom perhaps.

Once I acknowledged my rhythm and made peace with being slow (something we, as society, don’t tend to value), I became more intentional about it, making room for it and enjoying it even better. I started to plan for a no plans weekend day. Sometimes we stay home (which the kids love since there are several children in the building and they all play at the patio or in the street) but mostly it means that we let the day unfold and do whatever we feel like. Later, I also created Slower, where I have been sharing our journey towards a slow simple life.

All in all, we have been growingly enjoying more to just be, released some pressure to do this or that, to accept invitations and so on. Ultimately I feel better and more connected with myself and my children.

As for the kids, they don’t really notice, as I didn’t announce any of it to them. For them, the major change was when I ditched the TV (supposedly broken haha) a year ago. But I can tell that they’re more grounded and peaceful. They play a lot, they read and do more stuff together.

Nevertheless I still struggle to read a book on the couch, as I never seem to get there in daylight. Still working on that one!

What would you recommend to do or see when in Lisbon on a Sunday?

In the summer we love to spend the day at the beach and have picnics in the evening.

The rest of the year we like to do a little trekking in Sintra forest and coastline, picnics in Tapada das Necessidades and going to Jardim da Estrela, followed by ice cream nearby. Sometimes we also take advantage of the museums Sunday mornings free entry. Gulbenkian and the Natural History Museum are our favorites. Oh, and Estufa Fria. If you are into green nurseries, don't miss it.

Photography: Filipa Pinto da Silva @livingslower, Luciane Valles @lucianevalles (2,3,5)