Frani Matthews calligrapher and illustrator based in Nashville, TN, US

Early mornings, yoga, herbal tea, these are only some of the things you start your days with. Could you share in more detail what are your Sundays like?

I’m greeted by a gentle alarm at six a.m. I turn it off and shut my eyes for a few more minutes, mind active. Thankfully, I’ve set out my clothes and chosen a yoga video for the morning the night before. My husband sleeps next to me. I scoot in for a cuddle before lifting my heavy limbs from under my warm blanket and sliding my cold feet into slippers. After a gentle face-washing and gradual dressing, he and I are out the door.

Sundays are generally not restful for me as a staff member at church. I regularly serve with the children and pour all my love out on them. Afterward, my husband and I celebrate community over a meal; and I spend time preparing for preschool the next day.

Saturday is the new Sunday, as it is the day I attempt to prioritize rest. I tend work into the evenings and weekends, and actually struggle with slowing down, just like the rest of us. If I have momentum from working hard on Friday, I often feel like I’m wasting “good energy” on doing nothing. This last Saturday, I had to consciously and intentionally choose to stop, to go outside, to breathe, because the easiest way to numb out for me is to push and force my way through the day. But the more I slow down, the more I learn that my snail-pace is good; the timing always works out; and no one is impatiently waiting for me to show up except for me. I’m learning to choose flow over force, to notice myself and the beauty around me

Your most unusual Sunday that has stuck with you till this day.

My most unusual Sunday has to be the one where I convinced my husband to take the leisurely, country drive home from church and our car broke down in the middle of a small town. A random stranger with his grandchildren in the car picked us up and helped us get gas. He gave us a tip on how to get the car rolling again and we made it home. I'm certain the kindest people live in Tennessee.

By being a calligrapher you probably have written each letter thousands of times. Which letter reflects your Sunday the most? Why exactly this one?

E is for ‘early’, as every Sunday starts before the sunrise.

Photography: Frani Matthews @authenticfraniKelly Matthews III @kellymatthewsiii (1), Ashley Friend Photography @ashleyfriendphoto (6,9)