Gretchen Powers photographer and videographer based in Alaska, US

In what way is Sunday a special day for you?

Honestly, I usually take my "Sunday" on a Monday - as a freelance photographer and filmmaker I work most weekends either shooting weddings, or outdoor lifestyle stories so I try to take a day and treat it like I would a Sunday - usually Mondays or Wednesdays. It always starts with a cup of tea, usually earl grey or chai with cream and maple syrup. I try to do some writing, reading or knitting first thing to help my mind wake up and then my wife and I make a big breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, breakfast potatoes and coffee. Then we take our dog Ella out for a romp before snuggling in with a movie in the evening. I think life is such a balancing act and I always love when my “Sundays” are filled with all of the things that make me feel whole. Rest and activity.

I noticed that you like road trips and camping. Tell us about your most memorable trip.

After Kaleigh graduated from the Officer Candidate School for the U.S. Coast Guard this November we eloped on the coast line of Maine. We had never really thought about a honeymoon but we knew we needed to drive to Seattle over the course of 7 days. It was just enough time to still stop and see so many friends and family along the way, go for a sunrise mini hike in Wyoming, rock climbing in Missouri, skiing in Utah, hiking with a pack of dogs in Idaho and resting up with good beer and hot beverages and friends in Seattle. It was lovely in that we really tried to be present and focused on the people we were with and used it being our “honeymoon” as a great excuse to indulge in little things like a fancy latte, whiskey from our favorite distillery or climbing at a new rock gym.

You just moved to Alaska. How was your first Sunday there?

Kodiak is probably one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been and I’ve seen the Himalayas. Our first few Sundays here have been filled with a combination of adventure and rest. There are only about 6 hours of light in the dead of winter so it’s really easy to have a slow morning and then get outside while it’s light out. One of the first things I’ve learned about people who live here is that they are rugged and they get out when it’s light out whether it’s rain or shine. We’re talking the kind of rain that comes down sideways and gets you wet on all sides. With the darkness I’m learning to be kinder to myself and take the time in the mornings and evenings to slow down and be more intentional about my down time as well. I’ve started a new journal and I’m really hoping to write in it every day and I’m working up a few new knitted hat patterns as well!

Photography: Gretchen Powers @gpowersfilm, Dominique Powers @dominiquepowers (1)