Hannah Briggs photographer and bibliophile based in Alabama, US

Sunday mornings in the little house. How do they begin?

My husband and I begin our Sundays by getting dressed to go to church. He usually makes me a cup of coffee and brings it to my bathroom as I get ready. We attend our local church and then enjoy lunch with friends. Sunday afternoons usually find us spending them quietly at home, watching a favorite current TV show, reading, and napping. We will then head over to my sister's house to spend the evening having dinner and playing games with her family and my parents, a tradition we started a couple years ago. Sunday has truly become my favorite part of the week. It's such a sweet, sacred day.

A Sunday so special that could have its own part in a book. Please share a short version of it.

Even though our Sundays are pretty simple, I think they are spectacularly special. Especially on those foggy, wintery Sundays...all I really want to do is snuggle up with a good book, a cup of tea, or watch a Downton Abbey episode. On days like these they make me feel like I am inside a Bronte classic. 

As a book lover it would be a crime not to ask you for recommendations. Which book or books would you recommend for a Sunday afternoon?

Oh my. Where do I begin? This year I took on the challenge of reading a book a week. In doing so, I have discovered some amazing little treasures. My favorite reads this year have been The Nightingale, Lilac Girls, and re-reading Anne of Green Gables. L.M. Montgomery is my favorite author and her book The Blue Castle remains my favorite to this day. You can't go wrong with any of her works. Every time I read one it makes me feel nostalgic, old-fashioned, and transports me to simpler, sweeter times.

Photography: Hannah Briggs @thistle.harvest