Helen Bowman lifestyle and travel magazine editor based in London, UK

Is there something your Sundays never go without? What is it?

Our Sundays vary greatly depending on the season. My partner and I are both freelance and work irregular hours most of the time, so each Sunday might look different. My favourite thing to do is to discover new places and landscapes, so when we're not seeing friends and family or just chilling, we plan a lot of day or weekend trips. We love a National Trust or English Heritage property. In colder months, we tend (or hope!) to do more cultural activities (especially as the kids get older), but still might organise our day around dog walks and/or things for the children to do. We'll often plan to take the dog somewhere other than our regular park. Sundays always start with a coffee from our local artisan cafe though.

You are traveling a lot with your whole family and share advice for those traveling with children. How do your Sundays look like during your trip to the Languedoc region?

We don't travel as often as some families! We often contemplate leaving London to facilitate a more 'outdoorsy' life, precisely because travelling with children can be challenging. For me, it's more about finding a slower pace of life and tuning into a place's rhythm – which can be hard to do on a short stay. I love the summer and the opportunity it affords to be outside, being sociable, in the open. As I get older, I'm drawn more and more to the coast, so living by the sea or saving for a holiday home there is definitely a dream of mine.

Do you plan your Sundays? Maybe you already have ideas for the upcoming one?

It can be fun to plan and it can be fun to be spontaneous – because Britain has had a freak spate of good summer weather this year, we've been fortunate enough to be able to do both. As of right now, I'm planning a trip to the seaside, as well as our next holiday and - if the weather holds - some days at a few fun kids' splash parks we've recently discovered in the local area.

Photography: Helen Bowman @hel_bow