Ida Agemo freelance interior stylist based in Stockholm, Sweden

How are Sundays special for you?

On Sundays I try to invest in myself. I've learnt that if I'm not investing in myself no one else will either.

I usually do that by going to church and spend time with family. Those two are the best ways for me to slow down and recharge my batteries.

I don’t really see Sunday as the last day of the week but rather the first day. It really marks the rest of the week for me.

I set up goals and look for inspiration in nature, meetings with people and visiting interesting places.

How do you balance time in nature with time at home? How is it different when the cold season begins?

When I’m surrounded by nature I feel like I can breath easier. And think clearer. I live in the city and really love the pulse and atmosphere of it but every weekend I try to go to the countryside, where also my family lives. It fuels me to get out into the quiet woods or to just sit by the water and reflect on life as the waves go by.

For me my home is my happy place. It’s where I get inspired, feel relaxed and safe. During winter the climate is very raw here in Stockholm. I think that is why my home is that big of a deal for me. When being outside is not enjoyable anymore I need to be able to feel content with just staying inside. So when it gets dark and cold outside I usually light a lot of candles, make myself a cup of tea and read my favourite interior magazines.

Remember your most spontaneous Sunday.

My most spontaneous Sunday would be the one where me and my hubby decided to drive from Stockholm to the northern parts of Sweden.

We found the most beautiful place in the woods with a magnificent river flowing through it where we spent the day. We slept in our car during the night and went home the day after. It all ended up being a lovely little getaway.

Photography: Ida Agemo @idaagemo, Mariana Bianchi @marmar_b (1), Noah Agemo @noahagemo (8)